Learn to lower stress, embrace wellness as a lifestyle, manage overwhelm, and discover exactly what to focus on.

Who is The Herbal Mentor Community for?

  • This is for individuals wanting to learn how to live in harmony with the seasons
  • For those who want to learn how to truly take care of themselves in a holistic way
  • Those who want to be able to ask questions to your doctor, naturopath, chiropractor, acupuncturist, etc. and never have enough time during your sessions or can’t afford it
  • Those who wish to make connections and be in a community of people focused on personal wellness
  • Any individual at any stage of health
  • For those who feel “stuck” in some sort of way and not sure what to do
  • For those who want to learn and embrace a winning mindset, improve on leadership skills, find motivation, develop more confidence
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A community of empowerment, inspiration and education with Dr. LeTa

Is this membership right for you?


Every Tuesday Dr. LeTa will release a pre-recorded zoom on the wellness theme for the week. The class will include different aspects of health to get and keep you in a flow state, to discern what you should be focusing on and give you the inspiration and accountability to move forward with your individual goals. 

Replays always available for all members.

Live on Zoom

Dr. LeTa goes live in the private membership community every week. This is your opportunity to interact with her, get your questions answered, hear from other members and continue to learn nutrition and lifestyle modifications. This is a wonderful time to connect with other members, be supported and get inspired to stay on track!

1st Sunday

On the first Sunday of each month, Dr. LeTa will head out to nature and do a live zoom for all members. She will facilitate an embodiment practice of the tools she teaches. This is for all levels and abilities and a great way to assimilate the knowledge she shares with you! This time together is always for all levels and abilities.

What your community subscription includes:


• Access to the Private Community

• Invaluable Education on How to Take Care of Yourself each Season

• Live Q&A with Doctor LeTa

• Time Tested Self-Care Strategies

• Live Monthly Embodiment Practice

• Foods, Herbs & Supplements for each season

• Accountability

• Inspiration

• Holistic & Integrative Approach

• Support in making personal lifestyle changes that stick

• Exclusive Discounts

• Unlimited Access to Community Resource Downloads

• Instead of searching google for answers for your symptoms and health goals, get access to one of the most sought-after doctors of our time

• and so much more


Your time is NOW for greater health and fitness.


Mental Wellbeing

Mind, Brain, Cognition

Better Energy

All Qi is not created equal. Learn to harness & sustain better energy


Lymphatic System, Weight Gain, Fatigue and more 


Diet, Herbs and Lifestyle to prevent aches and pains + prevention


Learn tools to lower your cortisol + have relaxed energy

Hormonal Health

All Aspects of Hormonal Balancing

Financial Literacy

Learn how to have a healthy relationship with money

Heart Health

All things Heart, Cardiovascular & Blood-Related

Sleep Issues

Learn how to get the best sleep you can + wake up rested

Functional Fitness

Learn how to move your body in ways that feel good

Digestive Issues

All Gastro-Intestinal Symptoms

Cleanse & Detox

Learn medically-safe ways to clean out toxins + prevent disease


Holistic approaches when your body attacks itself

Unexplained Symptoms

Chinese Medicine explains allopathic unexplained sx


Feng-Shui for Health: learn how to embrace a time-tested approach

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions you may have:

How can this membership help me?

Dr. LeTa’s The Herbal Mentor Membership provides a supportive partnership, helping you to envision your best self and empower you into action. My team and I will be there with you every step of the way to help you overcome challenges and stay on track.

We help you discover what’s important to you, tapping into your strengths and aligning your values with your actions. Dr. LeTa listens without judgment, providing you unconditional support so you can efficiently make changes you choose to become your best self.

Change can be hard. That’s why Dr. LeTa, her team and other members are here to listen and support you. Together we will build the skills and actionable steps so you can achieve your personal goals, keeping you as the top priority. We want to live in a world where all are thriving and that starts with YOU saying YES to YOU.

Who is The Herbal Mentor Membership for?

Anyone can benefit from this membership, whether you’re at the peak of health, managing a chronic condition, or anywhere in between. Chinese Medicine and Dr. LeTa will be a powerful alliance and addition to your already existing knowledge of self-care. You know your body and your lifestyle more than anyone. We will give you time-tested healthcare strategies but it’s up to you to decide which ones are best suited for where you are right now.


Changing habits can be difficult – it’s just about getting started with expert support by your side. 

What issues can this membership address?

Life Satisfaction: Find meaning and live your purpose professionally, spiritually, and socially

Stress Management: Build strategies for resilience & emotional well-being

Chronic Disease: Prevent or reverse chronic disease with lifestyle changes you pick at a pace comfortable for you

Self-Care: Learn to prioritize yourself and develop an individual tool kit to keep you going through all of life’s challenges

Change: Navigate life transitions with ease, whether beginning a new career or dealing with loss. Transitions can include empty-nest syndrome, menopause, or even getting back into your routine after having a baby; Break down big challenges into manageable steps and goals; Develop consistent habits to create your personal routine.

Relationships: Set boundaries & improve communications

Sleep: Gain energy and mental clarity, and even lose weight with better sleep

Weight Management: Create and live a balanced and sustainable life

Holistic Care: Achieve overall health. Begin to see the interconnectedness, and other areas of health begin to improve. All we need to do is start. Are you ready?

When can I expect results?

Making change that lasts takes time and depends on motivation and individual factors, like readiness and support. Many people report increased hope and confidence after the first week, and sustainable change can occur after three months. Many find longer time commitments helpful. It’s important to be honest about your time commitment so you can set reasonable expectations for our time together.

Do you have any other questions?

Please call or text your questions to 831-222-0189

About Dr. LeTa

Doctor LeTa, a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and national wellness expert, helps individuals achieve and maintain their healthcare goals efficiently. When given the proper support, our bodies can often return to healthy function at almost any age. Having treated patients over the past 15 years, Doctor LeTa is a specialist that understands the frustration of people who are trying to achieve wellness in a healthcare system that focuses on symptom management rather than identifying and addressing the root cause of the problem. Utilizing genetic testing, lab work, clinical experience and the Chinese medical paradigm, she has been able to increase productivity to help individuals be high performers and live the life they desire. She is known for her therapeutic Cannabinoid recommendations, her online Qi Gong classes and specializes in mold and heavy metal detoxification. She has a in-person practice in Santa Cruz, California and an online medical practice at DoctorLeTa.com.

Get time-tested, doctor-recommended health tips and self-care strategies each week and become empowered to be your best self by joining this community.

I have been working with Dr. LeTa for about 11 years. I have received Acupuncture, taken some of her fitness classes, participated in her cleanse for a few years in a row and have had countless interactions on what supplements and herbs to buy to help me feel better and manage my medication load. I have gone through so much in my life and Dr. LeTa has been an invaluable resource to help me get through some pretty traumatic events. She is so much more than a Doctor and I’ll be a patient of hers for the rest of my life.

Cynthia L.